Mining and the Law In Africa: Exploring the Social & Environmental Impacts

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The mining sector has been an integral part of economic development in many African countries. Although minerals have been exploited for decades in these countries, the benefits have not always been as visible. This has necessitated reforms, including the nationalisation of mining activities in the distant past; and current legal and regulatory reforms. This course is inspired by Dr Victoria Nalule’s book titled, ‘Mining and the Law in Africa: Exploring the Social and Environmental Impacts’. Consequently, the participants for this course will benefit from the practical and analytical insights of the various mining law reforms, including the various fieldwork mining documentaries recorded by the author.

The central question to be addressed in this course is, why have the mining laws worked in some countries but not others? What can be done to ensure that these mining laws are effective in Africa? Consequently, the course will provide an analysis of the legal reforms made in the sector and highlight both the challenges and the opportunities for foreign investors, the African governments and local communities. The course further explores the various social and environmental impacts associated with both Large-Scale Mining (LSM); and Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining (ASM).

Delivered by renowned international mining experts, the course will provide our participants with practical expertise in formulating and analysing mining laws and regulations at the national, regional and international level. They will understand the political, legal, social and economic aspects relating to mining governance. They will appreciate the practical issues associated with Artisanal Mining in Africa, the rising role of critical minerals, the reforms sweeping the African Mining codes, and the issues relating to acquiring a social licence to operate in the African Mining Communities.

Who Should Study This Course?

· Lawyers and practitioners

· Government officials and policymakers interested in mining management and governance

· Practitioners involved in sustainable development.

· Graduate students and undergraduate students interested in the energy, mining and environmental sectors.