In 2017, when I was still a PhD student, I took sometime to do fieldwork research in mining communities. This not only influenced my book on Mining, but it also inspired me to establish the African Energy and Mining Management Initiative (AEMI)–

AEMI is a charity organization aimed at addressing some of the key challenges in the African extractive sector. Our team at AEMI comprises of dedicated and enthusiastic young African professionals, who continuously work hard (with no pay since we have been a self-funding NGO). Today, we call upon well-wishers to contribute to our activities by donating to support our projects. We also have several projects aimed at empowering the youth, mentorship, improving health, safety and environment. This particular project is aimed at supporting our AEMI Women in Energy Empowering Program(for details about WEM, AEMI is fully supported by Nalule Energy & Minerals Consultancy (NEM).

Donate and support us using this GoFund me link,