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Renegotiating Contracts for The Energy Transition in The Extractives Industry

07 June 2024

The ongoing global transition to clean and low carbon energy sources therefore is resulting in fundamental changes in the levels and modes of production, distribution, and commercialization of extractive resources worldwide. As countries, businesses, and other stakeholders adopt policies and targets aimed at constraining investments and actions that contribute to the adverse effects of climate change, risk in the energy sector is on the rise. These include financial risks, governance
risks and social risks. The 21st century dilemma therefore relates to how we can address climate change and at the same time tackle energy security challenges. Therefore, existing and new contractual arrangements in the extractive sector more broadly will need to respond to the challenges of the energy transition risks identified above.

This executive training focuses on renegotiating extractive contracts to align with the net-zero goals. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the energy transition global landscape. While exploring country cases studies, this executive training will assess the transition risks in extractive contracts. Additionally, the training uniquely provides the negotiation tools and strategies to address these transition risks.

Consequently, participants will learn the various mechanisms that will enable them to assess how contractual provisions are responding to or reflecting energy transition scenarios.

The experts/trainers will highlight areas to be included or strengthened that will be beneficial for all energy stakeholders. They will also explore how these provisions could be re-negotiated to ensure an effective energy transition.

This training is suitable for government policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders interested in extractive industries; energy transitions; net-zero and climate change.

The training is inspired by this book by Dr Victoria Nalule, Professor Raphael Heffron and Professor Damilola Olawuyi.

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