Sustainability of Mining: Role Of Critical Minerals in The Energy Transition

This conference, referring to recent research and practice, explores the various issues that characterise the global mining sector, drawing examples from different countries and regional organisations. Although there is a massive literature on the subject, some issues have been neglected, including the crucial role of digitalisation and technological advancement in resolving the environmental and social […]

International Arbitration and Investor Protection in The African Energy and Mining Sectors

Energy and mining projects are capital intensive requiring large amounts of money which is often beyond the reach of any host government, hence necessitating the presence of international investors in these sectors. The African continent is home to massive energy and mineral resources, and it has also in recent years attracted a significant amount of […]

Renegotiating Contracts for The Energy Transition in The Extractives Industry

The ongoing global transition to clean and low carbon energy sources therefore is resulting in fundamental changes in the levels and modes of production, distribution, and commercialization of extractive resources worldwide. As countries, businesses, and other stakeholders adopt policies and targets aimed at constraining investments and actions that contribute to the adverse effects of climate […]